Friday, September 13, 2013

First Post

Hello, internet. It is 12:52 am and I should be preparing myself for a stress-filled day of school with some sleep. But of course, I made a blog instead. I don't actually know what the point of a blog is, it seems like an online diary to me (thanks, Awkward.) but I'm just gonna roll with it. 

Uh, I suppose an introduction is in order? My name is November, I am 16, and I don't sleep when I should. This feels like an AA meeting. Okay, so I also live in a small town and go to a local high school and I would like to be a surgeon when I grow up.

My interest in becoming a surgeon was brought into play when I started watching Grey's Anatomy. Jesus Christ, that is a quality show. I mean, it's kind of just about sex, but there are some medical aspects to it. I know that in real life, the doctors don't do it in the on-call room. I also know that there aren't as many crazy medical cases in real life. I know that med school is difficult. I know that med school is expensive. The reason I want to be a surgeon is simply because it interests me. I think it would be cool to cut someone open. I think it would be the coolest thing ever, actually. I like the idea of living at the hospital, of not having time for a family or a social life; most would find this aspect daunting, but I find it rather charming. It's a practical career choice as well, because people are always sick. As long as there are people in the world, surgeons will have a job.

I signed up for a bunch of medical seminars at the local college. I'm really stoked. This will be a good way for me to find out if I really want to do this, before I spend a shit ton of money on college and decide that I actually hate cutting people open.

I might have a job taking pictures of homes for my mom's friends who are realtors. I probably will get the job. My mom is going to Best Buy tomorrow to get my early Christmas present: a Canon Rebel t3i. I am unbelievably excited. Tomorrow I am taking pictures of our house, to show Tonja and Dave, that I can take decent photos of houses. (Side note: Tonja and Dave are the previously mentioned realtors and my house looks like a model home.) I'm going to have a pretty good day tomorrow! Hopefully...

Good night. 

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