Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Poisonbutt Bible + Xmas Music

Wazzup, internet. I'm having a pretty rough time. See, I have to write this essay (well, revise this essay) about The Poisonwood Bible. This really shouldn't be as hard as I'm making it, but there are so many other things I would rather do. Hold up, my jam just came on Pandora!

Oh yeah. That was good. I love me some Mariah Carey (Holiday) on Pandora. I have to listen to Christmas music to get anything productive done. Annnyywayyss, what was I saying? Oh yes, Poisonbutt Bible (that's what I've been naming it as a file). I seriously need to revise that damn thing. It is just so tedious to have to google an essay, you know? Just kidding. I do my own work. I don't actually read the books, but I write the essays and that's what counts, right? Hahahahahaha ughhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm not ready for this. I need to get to sleep at a reasonable time tonight.

Anyone else done with school? Ooooh. Thunder is happening outside my house. 
You know who I've become obsessed with lately? Cara Delevingne. She is gorg. I would be a-ok if she dated Harry Styles. Because they're just so cute together. 

I dunno if this picture is real or not, but it damn well should be.  Jesus Christ that is a perfect couple if I've ever seen one. Seriously, I need them to get married and have a million babies. They're both just so beautiful.
Good God, I CANNOT wait for winter! It will be all snowy and white and I can drink tea inside and take pictures of snow-covered buildings.
I really love taking pictures of buildings, I've discovered. There's just something about the way they look and all of the possible ways to capture them. Sorry, that was kinda dorky in an architectural way.
I would also say that I'm excited to not shave my legs, but I've already been putting that off. I'm going to need a weed-wacker to trim these hams. Seriously, I have the legs of a 40 year old man right now. 
Ah. The perks of being alone--er, I mean happily single...
Okay, It's 11:30. I should finish that stupid essay. Uggghhh.
Byeeeeeeeeeee. xx

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