Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hello internet. I got all of my camera stuff yesterday! It's a Canon Rebel T3i. It is pretty dope.
I'm also officially a member of the yearbook photo staff! I think Junior year is gonna be my year. I'm really psyched. I'm feeling good. I haven't felt good in a long time.

Time for a rant. I have two friends named Andrew and Sadie. Last year, something happened between them. Sadie liked Andrew and basically told everyone that they were going out like the crazy-obsessive person she is. (Side-note, she tells everyone that she really really likes a guy every time she likes someone, then when she finds out that they don't like her that way, BECAUSE SHE NEVER TELLS THEM SHE LIKES THEM, she whines and cries and says "Guys this always happens 2 me! I'm so sad and lonely and give me attention and feel bad for me!") Anyways, she told everyone but him that she liked him and he thought she just wanted a makeout buddy. So blah blah blah he turned her down she whined and sulked. What I'm saying is that now Andrew likes Sadie and she doesn't feel the same way so she's leading him on to get back at him. Andrew thinks he has a chance with her. Sadie is telling people that he doesn't. I told her to flat out tell him that so she doesnt break his adorable little heart, and she fucking told him that it could hapPEN IF HE WON HER TRUST. 'IF HE WON HER TRUST' MEANS THERE IS A CHANCE. I'm going to kill her. Andrew is the sweetest guy in the world (he's super attractive as well and I would try to hit that if he was into me) and he does not deserve the bullshit Sadie is throwing his way. I want to mUrDeR her.

Well, I need to go apply for the Future Doctors seminars for the U of U.
Byeeeeeeee xo

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